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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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Thomson Reuters/Global Property Research/Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (TR/GPR/APREA) Indices are the most comprehensive and representative indicators of the Asia Pacific property market performance. The index series utilize a transparent, objective rules based methodology developed in collaboration with APREA and other leading property investors to ensure the index reflects Asia Pacific property market characteristics.

The TR/GPR/APREA Indices are free float market cap weighted indices based on shares of the leading Asia Pacific property companies.

The following variants are available:

Country specific indices
REIT only indices
Highly liquid, investable carve outs
Price and total return index performance
USD, EUR, JPY and local currencies



Indices Features
Investable 100 Index Represents the 100 most tradable property investment and development companies from 11 developed and emerging countries in the Asia Pacific region.
Investable REIT 100 Index Represents the 100 most tradable real estate investment trusts from 10 developing and emerging Asia Pacific countries.
Composite Index Includes over 400 property investment and development companies from 12 countries across the region.
Composite REIT Index Includes over 130 REITs from 10 countries across the region.


Members can access the Real Estate Monthly showcasing performance of the Composite Indexhere

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