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Monday, 11 December 2017
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The Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) represents and promotes the real estate asset class in the Asia Pacific region. It is the industry body for the suppliers and users of capital in the real estate sector.

It embraces the four quadrants of real estate.


APREA's mission is to:
bullet Represent and promote the Asia Pacific real estate asset class
bullet Encourage greater investment in the Asia Pacific real estate sector through the provision of better information to investors, improving the general operating environment, encouraging best practices and generally unifying and strengthening the industry
bullet Enhance regional and global networks for capital suppliers and users
bullet Represent the sector to governments and regulators to improve the commercial operating environment for members

Its membership comprises real estate developers and operating companies, listed real estate trusts, unlisted property funds, investment managers, financial institutions, property securities fund managers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors, real estate consultants, corporate advisors, stockbrokers, investment advisors and universities.

The APREA Institute, APREA's education and training arm, provides the foundation for raising standards in the industry through the provision of practical and applied training programs. Its Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance program (CREIF) is the only course of its kind in the region to be both developed and delivered by industry practitioners.

APREA's achievements in education and information dissemination, and focus on improving the general real estate operating environment, have firmly entrenched it as the leading representative body for the industry in the region. In particular, its achievements in driving regulatory improvements within the listed real estate trust sector extend beyond existing markets and pave the way for the emergence of new markets in other Asian countries.

APREA membership is the gateway to a network of the industry's most influential decision makers and provides the opportunity to influence and participate in the development of the real estate markets in Asia.

The objectives of APREA are to:

bullet Encourage greater investment into Asia-Pacific real estate
- Develop a research centre to promote and generate information about regional real estate
- Provide an environment to enhance and improve linkages between the users and suppliers of capital
bullet Provide better information for investors
- Promote the benefits of the sector to investors and media
- Ensure appropriate representation in global indices
bullet Improve the operating environment for members via tax efficiency and improved regulatory frameworks
bullet Encourage best practice with common recognisable standards
bullet Unify and strengthen the industry via the creation of an integrated industry platform with an effective forum
bullet Strengthen and grow membership
- Provide practical and applied training to the industry

Developing strong relationships with global investment industry associations and regional real estate organizations is a key function. APREA is a non-aligned, independent regional association. It has a close association with many industry bodies around the globe and is a member of the Real Estate Equity Securitisation Alliance, other members of which are the Association for Real Estate Securitisation, Japan (ARES), the British Property Federation, the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, USA (NAREIT), the Property Council of Australia and the Real Property Association of Canada.

It also enjoys cooperation agreements with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and various national real estate associations in the region.
The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets every two months, and a Council of Governors , which meets twice a year and more frequently as required. The Board of Directors is reponsible for day to day management . The Board is supported by an administration of 5 - a Chief Executive Officer, a Research Manager, Events Manager, PA & Office Manager and a Adminstration Executive and Chapter Managers in Hong Kong, India and Japan. The administration is supported by a number of consultants.

The agenda of the Association is developed and driven by its member-constituted working committees and various task forces. Current working committees are
Best Practices (including a Accounting and Financial Reporting sub-committee), Membership, Research, Investor Outreach, Index, Regulatory, Substainability and Valuation. For more information on the structure and agenda of the working committees, refer to their specific pages.

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