Advocacy spotlight

Our priority issues are to:

  • Secure world class REIT regimes in AsiaPac countries where they don’t exist.
  • Improve REIT frameworks to a ‘state of the art’ quality in countries that already host securitisation platforms.
  • Improve cross-boarder investment rules.
  • Rationalise real estate taxation arrangements.
  • Promote the rational adoption and adaptation of international capital markets and industry standards (where appropriate).
  • Improve the ground rules for doing businesses.
  • Support the digitisation of official real estate ownership frameworks to improve market efficiency.

APREA’s advocacy objectives are a more formalised AsiaPac marketplace that includes:

  • Capital market depth.
  • Greater investment choice, diversity and versatility.
  • The ability to toggle between public and private markets.
  • Easier cross-border investment.
  • More market players.
  • More certain rules and lower taxes.

The bottom line should be a larger and deeper real estate investment which should generate more investment opportunities.

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