APREA’s “Masks for China" campaign to fight COVID-2019

Masks for China

APREA stands together with China during these challenging times. Together with our esteemed members in China, we are launching the “Masks for China” campaign in response to the COVID-2019. Our hope is that our combined resources can help to procure protective gear which are in short supply in China.

APREA is working with KFoundation, founded by one of our distinguished members in China – KaiLong Group for this meaningful campaign.

We currently are seeking for Cash Donation to purchase surgical gowns and masks for hospitals in China that need protective gears for the medical staffs.

With many people affected by the virus and its outbreak, it is important that our APREA family stays united and help to contain the virus. As a regional association, we will continue to support and help to protect our members and those at risk and affected in every possible way,” says APREA CEO, Sigrid Zialcita.

We’re very appreciated for your generous support for this campaign, APREA will issue a donation certificate for your kind contribution.

As per KFoundation, there are two types of masks that looking for funds to purchase: 3-layer disposable mask and N99 mask.

  • The single price for 3-layer disposable mask is RMB 3.78/each (USD 0.5401 for each), we have 42,000 pieces that are waiting for contribution, which costs RMB 158,760 (USD 22,685.34) in total;
  • The single price for N99 masks is RMB 27.85/each (USD 3.9795 for each), we have 15,000 pieces that are waiting for contribution, which costs RMB 417,750 (USD 59,654.5) in total.

We are planning to distribute the 3-layer disposable masks by this week, hence if you proceed the donation by this week (23 February 2020), your contribution will be used to purchase the 3-layer disposable masks. Same for N99 masks, if your donation is received after this week, your kind input will be part of the N99 masks purchasing for the doctors and nurses.

Please join us in our efforts to fight this global health crisis!

Please feel free to contact APREA’s local chapter managers if you have any inquiries on this campaign.
#What we need: Cash donation
#How to help: Please contact your local chapter manager below for the donation.
#Contact: enquiries@aprea.asia