APREA-RICS Property Tecnology Conference 2019 について

To be confirmed

To be confirmed




最近高まりを見せている Prop Tech(不動産テック)について、関係者による講演やパネ ルディスカッションを通して、Prop Tech の最新の状況を広く業界関係者に伝えるとともに、 関係団体・企業間の交流の場とすること

The Prop Tech is becoming one of the hottest topic in the built environment and through presentation and panel discussions, we will put a spotlight on the latest trends and provide the networking opportunities.



  1. (1)  主催者挨拶 Welcome

  2. (2)  基調講演 Keynote speech

  3. (3)  関係省庁による講演 Speech by a government official

  4. (4)  業界団体による講演 Speech by a leading professional organization

  5. (5)  大手不動産関連企業による取組説明 Presentation by major real estate company on

    their initiatives in Prop Tech

  6. (6)  ベンチャー企業による取組説明 Presentation by venture Prop Tech companies

  7. (7)  関係者によるパネルディスカッション Panel discussion

  8. (8)  ネットワーキング Networking reception



(1) 関係省庁: Government ministries
(2) 業界団体: Industry professional organizations
(3) 企業(大): Large corporations
(4) 企業(小): Venture businesses
(5) データ整備関連(必要であれば):ARES の不動産インデックス ARES RE index



• XXXXX, Mitsubishi Estate, Facility Provider Speech (TBC)

「(仮)GlobalBusinessHubTokyo について(開催施設紹介)」 “Presentation on Global Business Hub Toky”

  • Mr. Andrew Hawkins, Colliers, main sponsor speech (TBC)

  • Mr. Itaya, FRICS, President, Property Databank, moderator for panel discussion


  • Mr. Koji Matsumura, CTO, AtHome Lab., Presenter (Confirmed)

    「(仮)不動産仲介業務の IT 化」 “IT for real estate brokerage businesses”

  • Mr. Yoshimune Kaneko, Director, Business Technology, JLL, Presenter



    “Global real estate business services and techonology”

  • Ms. Iolanda Meehan, Veldhoen, Activity Based Working, presenter (Confimed)

    「(仮)Activity Based Working and Technology (ABW)」

  • Dr. Kenkji Uenishi, CEO, PriceHubbie Japan, presenter (Confirmed)


    “Utilization of big date and AI for real estate valuation and forecasting”

  • Mr. Yusuke Mase, COO, WealthPark, presenter (Confirmed)


    “Utilization of technology in real estate management tools”

  • Mr. Haruo Narimoto, Attorney, TMI Associates, presenter (Confirmed)


    “Legal aspect of the Prop Tech business”

  • Mr. Akihiko Okishima, MRICS, Mizuho Securities, presenter on Prop Tech start

    ups (Confirmed)


    “Presentations by Prop Tech start up companies”