GPR/APREA Index Series Rebalancing (September 2019)

Research | 07 October 2019

Please find below the constituent changes to the GPR/APREA Indices, which will become effective as of 23 September 2019 (start of trading):



Companies indicated with an asterisk have a REIT or similar status, and will therefore also be included/excluded in/from the GPR/APREA Composite REIT Index.

Reminder: Below are the basic criteria for determining a constituent's entrance or exit from the indices.

  • $50Mn minimum free float market capitalization for two consecutive months
  • 15% minimum free float factor
  • 60% of operational turnover deriving from investment activities and/or development activities
  • The Investable 100 and Investable REIT 100 Indices include the 100 stocks with highest trading volume which meet the inclusion criteria

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Global Property Research (GPR) and Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) exercise the greatest care when compiling and calculating indices on the basis of the rules set out in the GPR/APREA Index Construction & Maintenance Procedures. However, GPR and APREA cannot guarantee that the various indices, or the various ratios that are required for index compilation and computation purposes, as set out in the GPR/APREA Index Construction & Maintenance Procedures, are always calculated free of errors. GPR and APREA accept no liability for any direct or indirect losses arising from any incorrect calculation of such indices or ratios. Decisions concerning the way its indices are calculated, as well as regarding their compilation, are always taken by GPR and APREA to the best of knowledge and belief. GPR and APREA will not be liable for any losses arising from such decisions.
The indices of GPR and APREA do not represent a recommendation for investment of whatever nature. In particular, the compilation and calculation of the various indices shall not be construed as a recommendation of GPR and APREA to buy or sell individual instruments, or the basket of instruments underlying a given index.

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