APREA-Preqin Quarterly Monitor 

The APREA-Preqin Quarterly Monitor uses interactive infographics to showcase the performance of closed-end private real estate funds focused on Asia-Pacific (APAC). Benchmark your APAC- or global focused funds against those of your peers, see how fund performance has evolved over the past decade and analyze fund returns based on different vintage years and strategies.

Preqin captures performance data from a variety of sources including direct contributions from institutional investors and fund managers, as well as the latest financial reports, public filings and annual reports. The Index is updated as of Q2 2019, and will be refreshed every quarter (early October, January, April and July) with a six-month lag to ensure figures are meaningful. Vintage analyses are based on the most up-to-date data collected by Preqin as of December 2019.


Asia Pacific
APREA Preqin

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