Ocean Financial Centre

Project details


Ocean Financial Centre


Collyer Quay, Singapore


Keppel REIT


96,063 m2 GFA



  • BCA Green Mark Platinum Award


Ocean Financial Centre (OFC) is a redevelopment of two existing office buildings (Ocean Building and Ocean Towers) in Singapore's central business district (CBD). This eco-friendly office of the future adopts numerous green features that are incorporated with state-of-the- art technologies to maximize indoor environment quality, employee health and productivity, while minimizing energy consumption.

Green features and sustainable technologies


Triple-glazed façade glass with state-of- the-art low emissive coating is used to maximize light transmittance and transparency while minimizing heat gain. The high-performance and low-emission triple-glazed glass curtain-wall system is not only engineered to provide maximum protection for occupants, but the unitized curtain-wall design is also prefabricated locally to minimize carbon footprint.


The use of power-saving LEDs on the building facade and the roof crown creates an unforgettable silhouette along Singapore's magnificent skyline.


The building has the largest PV system for a high- rise commercial building in the CBD area, with more than 400 m2 of solar PV panels harnessing 75kWp of solar energy. Located on top of one of the tallest buildings in Singapore, at approximately 250m AMSL in height, it will be the highest PV assembly in Singapore.


All passenger lifts are fitted with regenerative drive. This feature feed energy usually lost during braking back into the building where it can be used for other loads, hence reducing overall energy usage. Eco- switch A programmable switch that provides an option for tenants to control their air-conditioning temperature and lighting level to suit their needs during off peak and lunch hour.


An integrated paper recycling facility encourages the recycling of paper waste generated by the commercial office. A paper recycling chute is provided to serve users on all office floors.


OFC uses extensive vertical green walls for a cooler and greener environment. The building's green plot ratio (a measure of greenery provision in building development, which takes into consideration the three-dimensional volume covered by plants) exceeds the industry's best practice of 4.0.


Water conservation measures include using water-efficient fittings, using sub-meters for monitoring and leak detection, and harvesting rain water for irrigation.

Other notable green features
  • Energyefficientair-conditioning
  • Energyefficientlighting
  • Motion sensors for all toilets and staircases Insulating paints for all external walls
  • Auto-condenser tube cleaning system
  • Heat recovery system for hot water production
  • Anti-corrosion coating for pre-cooled AHUs
Measurable results
  • Energy Savings: 35% (or 9.08 million kWh/year)
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 4,500 tonnes/year Water savings: 37% (or 42,000 m3/year)
  • Envelope thermal transfer value: 42.76 W/m2 (15% lower than the allowable 50W/m2)
  • Air conditioning system efficiency: 0.662 kW/tonnes (excellent rating)
  • Energy efficiency index (EEI): 174 kWh/m2/year

Costs and benefits

By incorporating green features and innovations, construction cost for OFC has increased by approximately four percent. However, the long-term benefits translate to a payback period of seven to nine years, based on the energy and water savings achieved.