The 3rd Global Investors’ Conference on Securitization, China

Featured | 30 March 2019



APREA was at the The 3rd Global Investors’ Conference on Securitization in China recently. Our CEO, Sigrid Zialcita was one of the speakers.

With the central government continuing to strengthen the level of financial services entity economy, the holding of this annual meeting is of great significance. In order to find the future direction for the development of China's ABS industry under the background of globalization, this meeting brought together the world's top scholars, politicians, internationally renowned institutions & industry leaders to engage in thinking collisions and strong dialogues & to gather global high-end industry resources.

This annual meeting received strong support & participation from the China Small and Medium Enterprises Association, China Securities Investment Fund Association, China Insurance Assets Management Association, China Real Estate Associations. It also attracted many foreign institutions including Asia Pacific Real Estate Association, Asian Development Bank, Rothschild, GIC, National Australia Bank, International Finance Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Moody's, Fitch and other institutions. More than 1,500 participants attended the event.