India’s new real estate and infrastructure trusts: The way forward

Infrastructure and real estate are the two most critical sectors in any developing economy.

A well-developed infrastructural set-up propels the overall development of a country. It also facilitates a steady inflow of private and foreign investments, and thereby augments the capital base available for the growth of key sectors in an economy, as well as its own growth, in a sustained manner. A robust real estate sector, comprising sub-segments such as housing, retail, hospitality and commercial projects, is fundamental to the growth of an economy and helps several sectors develop significantly through the multiplier effect.

However, both these sectors need a substantial amount of continuous capital for their development.

Currently, India’s real estate sector is the second largest employer in the country after agriculture and is slated to grow at a steady pace over the next decade. At the same time, the infrastructure sector, which includes segments such as energy, transport, water and sanitation, communication, and social and commercial infrastructure, is the focus area for key policymakers, banks and corporates to formulate and implement regulations. This is expected to ensure the time-bound creation of world-class infrastructure in the country. India’s real estate industry has witnessed a paradigm shift from traditional finance to an era of structured finance, private equity and public offering.


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