Project details




Somerset, Singapore

Owner & Developer

Lendlease and its managed fund, Asia Retail Investment Fund


639,913 m2 GFA


Retail & Lifestyle

  • BCA Green Mark Platinum


Located at the heart of the busiest district in Singapore, built above the Somerset MRT station and easily accessible via public transport, 313@somerset has been earmarked to be Singapore's leading retail destination. The building provides mid-level fashion and food. Since operations began in December 2009, 313@somerset has been the recipient of numerous sustainability and design excellence awards within the ASEAN region. 313@somerset is the first retail mall to be re-certified under the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award under the stricter Existing Non-Residential Building v3 criteria.

Green features and sustainable technologies


Long North-South facing facades that incorporate a high- performance "Low-E" double-glazed system. Insulated back panels optimise HVAC loads whilst enhancing occupant comfort.


Including solar panels to power the centre's car park lighting, CO and CO2 sensors at loading docks and car parks to control fan usages, energy saving stand-by escalators to reduce energy consumption during lower peak period. Extensive use of energy and water sub- metering for base building and tenants to closely monitor use. This includes the K-RealTime permanent M&V instruments for tracking energy usage of the HVAC system.


Energy Recovery Wheel to capture cooling energy from the exhaust air that is from the air-conditioned space which is then transferred to pre-cool the fresh air going into the air-conditioning system. Optimisation of the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation system, which is discussed further below.


Low-energy LED façade, and high-frequency ballasts for down-lights and T5 fluorescent lamps in lieu of T8.


Water efficient tap fittings to highest practical level and efficiency throughout to reduce water consumption and water wastage and a rainwater collection tank.


The building has incorporated recycled materials, low- VOC paints and low-emissive materials, including reuse of carpet tiles and workstations from leasing office to the centre management's office.


313@somerset was the first to implement green lease clauses which binds all sustainable components with obligations from the property manager and retailers.

Other notable green features
  • Mechanical Grease Extraction System that is self- cleaning, with an in-built mechanical cutter and pump for grease extraction. The system minimizes access to grease pit and improves indoor air quality.
  • Gearless lift system coupled with AC VVVF drive uses less energy. Light-weight decorations and sleep-mode are also featured.
  • Direct access to the Somerset MRT station, promoting the use of public transport and lowering the requirement for vehicle use. Provision of priority parking lots – Green Lots, for users of hybrid, electric and CNG cars
  • The Sky Terrace has rotating green columns which are irrigated using harvested rainwater, as well as a children’s play area
  • 313@somerset is also in progress of installing an eco-digester, which is expected to increase the recycling of up to 700kg of food waste per day when in full operation
Measurable results

Over the past three years, 313@somerset's initiatives have resulted in overall improvement of chiller efficiency by more than 20%. The improvement to the chiller system's efficiency has contributed to 313@somerset's 13% energy consumption reduction, in comparison with a FY12 baseline.

During the 2015 calendar year, 313@somerset resourced 86.1% of its water supply from recycled sources like rainwater and NEWater (Public Utilities Board's recycled water).

Other results for FY2015:
  • Energy saving: Total energy generated from renewable sources: 246 GJ
  • Reduction in energy intensity of 4.9% from FY14, 13% since FY12
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 250 tonnes CO2
  • Air conditioning system efficiency: 0.639kW/RT, an improvement in efficiency of over 20%
  • Chiller: Estimated cumulative savings from chiller system efficiency program SGD 290,000 (USD 210,000)
Costs and benefits
  • Total capital investments: 340,000 SGD (244,000 USD)
  • Simple payback period of 1.34 years, or a Return on Investments of 74.6%