Six Battery Road

Project details


Six Battery Road


Battery Road, Singapore

Developer & Manager



CapitaLand Commercial Trust


61,096 m2 GFA



  • BCA Green Mark Platinum Award


The 42-storey Grade A office building, Six Battery Road (SBR) is a landmark sited in Raffles Place, the heart of Singapore's Central Business District (CBD). Combining prime location with excellent views, comprehensive amenities, revitalised interiors, as well as innovative features which enhance the aesthetics and green specifications, SBR stands out as an iconic building for environmental sustainability as the first Green Mark Platinum retrofitted office building.

Green features and sustainable technologies


"Rainforest Rhapsody", a 2,000 square feet vertical garden, creates a cooler and greener environment in SBR's lobby. Designed by award-winning French botanist Dr Patrick Blanc and CapitaLand, the "Rainforest Rhapsody" contains about 100 plant species, representing biodiversity. Rain water storage tanks are also installed at SBR where the water collected is used to irrigate the green wall. The harvested rainwater can be stored for up to two days in the system.


Recycled water is used in cooling towers and sprinkler systems.


SBR upgraded its chiller plant to achieve the efficiency of 0.65 kW/tonnes during the peak load. A Thermal Energy Storage system also improves the plant efficiency during the low off- peak load. Carbon dioxide sensors were incorporated to modulate the amount of fresh air introduced into building and while maintaining good indoor air quality. These upgrades have improved the efficiency of the air handling units.

The building management system has been upgraded to optimise the performance of the chiller plant room, monitor plant room system efficiency and the power consumption of all major systems in this building.

Existing light fittings were replaced with more energy efficient "Light Emitting Diode" (LED).


Two lots are dedicated for hybrid and electric cars to encourage tenants to adopt cleaner emission vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint. An electric vehicle charging station is also installed for convenience of electric vehicle owners.

Other notable green features
  • Recycling of existing buildings materials in asset enhancement exercises, such as the onyx tiles in the lobby
  • Use of green label materials for furnishing and finishes (e.g. green certified carpet in the management office)
  • Energy and water savings monitored and displayed in real time at the lobby to create more visibility and awareness.
  • Use of motion sensors in toilets
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors are placed at certain locations and the operating speed of the fans will vary with the level of CO concentration to improve air quality and reduce energy consumption.
Measurable results
  • Energy Savings: 40% (or 7.90 million kWh/year)
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions: 1,471 tonnes/year
  • Water Savings: 4,643 m3/year
  • Air Conditioning System Efficiency: 0.65 kW/tonnes (excellent rating)
  • Energy Efficiency Index (EI): 126.9 kWh/m2/year

Costs and benefits

A total of SGD 5.7 million (USD 4.1 million) was spent to integrate the aforementioned green features and sustainable technologies. However, these upgrades also reduced SBR's operation costs by an average of SGD 0.57 million (USD 0.41 million) annually in terms of energy savings, from 2012 to 2015 inclusive, translating to an estimated payback period of 10 years. Furthermore, this calculation does not account for other intangible benefits, such as improved indoor air quality and working environment, brought to the building's occupants.